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Our wildlife GOOD NEWS

Picture a landscape where eagles soar , woodland creatures roam and the air fizzes with insects. Sadly , it’s something we often can only dream about because biodiversity in Britain is still under threat. Around 56% of our species are declining and 15% are at risk of extinction, according to a 2016 State of Nature repor t. But many people are working hard to rebuild populations of our at-risk

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An Offer I Can REFUSE
“‘I’m really discovering myself,’ said Mrs Beasley, as we walked through the woods together. ‘I am finally beginning to find out who I really am.’ The dog snorted at this, and frankly I could not have put it better myself. Mrs B, who is stepping do
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Here comes THE SUN
THE STAY It’s no wonder that, pre-pandemic, over five million tourists flocked to the Algarve, Portugal’s southernmost region. Known for its Atlantic beaches and golf resorts, the sunny stretch of coastline between the towns of Lagos and Faro are bri
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‘I Had A Wonderful Encounter At An Old People’s Home!’
“About two years ago, I was asked to go to a very sophisticated, rather chic, series of homes for the elderly. They wanted someone to go round, welcome residents, say hello and do a performance. There were four different homes that I went to, with a