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Never Swim in Applesauce

44 minute


Roscoe Riley doesn’t ever mean to get into trouble, but he’s still pretty good at it. So when his teacher announces the class will be taking a field trip to an apple orchard, Roscoe gets excited, while his teacher warns the entire class to be on their best behavior.

When they arrive, the kids are put in teams of four, given a basket and picking pole, and sent out to collect apples. Roscoe’s group finds the biggest, shiniest, most juiciest apple at the whole orchard. It takes some thinking—and arguing—to get it down, but the real trouble starts once the giant apple is theirs.

Popular author Katherine Applegate has won a devoted following for her Roscoe Riley Rules series. Readers can’t get enough of this loveable youngster who lives by his own guidelines. A peppy narration by Jared Goldsmith captures the infectious humor of Roscoe’s shenanigans and will have kids laughing out loud.

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