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Advancing Relationship-Based Cultures

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The premise of Advancing Relationship-Based Cultures is simple. Given that relationships permeate every atom of health care, it follows quite naturally that everything in health care will work better when relationships are healthy.

Medical miracles, alleviated suffering, and enhanced comfort all take place between human beings. They take place when human beings who are suffering enter the sphere of a group of human beings who are as committed to caring for them as whole, complex people as they are committed to applying their technical skill and knowledge to the healing of their physical ailments.

All of the technical aspects of health care occur in the context of human relationships, which means that all of the technical tasks underlying the provision of care work better when we tend to relationships. Optimized cultures happen when we optimize relationships.

This audio-book, while focusing most often on the people portion of the care equation, also addresses the processes and structures that can and must contribute to the ability of all people in health care to provide compassionate care through the four relational practices: attuning, wondering, following, and holding.

An Author's Republic audio production.

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