Girls with Sharp Sticks

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Girls with Sharp Sticks

Scris de Suzanne Young

Povestit de Caitlin Davies

Evaluare: 4.5 din 5 stele4.5/5 (139 stele)
Lungime: 10 ore


Westworld meets The Handmaid’s Tale in this start to a thrilling, subversive near-future series from New York Times best-selling author Suzanne Young about a girls-only private high school that is far more than it appears to be.

Some of the prettiest flowers have the sharpest thorns.

The girls of Innovations Academy are beautiful and well-behaved — it says so on their report cards. Under the watchful gaze of their guardian, they receive a well-rounded education that promises to make them better. Obedient girls, free from arrogance or defiance. Free from troublesome opinions or individual interests.

But the girls’ carefully controlled existence may not be quite as it appears. As Mena and her friends uncover the dark secrets of what’s actually happening there — and who they really are — the girls of Innovations Academy will learn to fight back.

Bringing the trademark plot twists and high-octane drama that made Program a best-selling and award-winning series, Suzanne Young launches a new series that confronts some of today's most pressing ethical questions.

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