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AI: Rise of the Lightspeed Learners

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Powerful new autonomous machines called AIs are popping up all around us. The most important of these, says former AI industry CEO Charles Jennings, are the Lightspeed Learners--AIs with the power to learn on their own.

Jennings' new book, "AI: Rise of the Lightspeed Learners", explores how AIs are affecting everything from trucking to dentistry, currency trading to warfare. It grapples with the existential challenges AI presents to humanity, and concludes the biggest threat is not killer robots, but dangerous dictators. “There are potentially disastrous consequences for Americans of all political persuasions if China leaps ahead of us in AI," he says. "An AI-dominant China would ultimately take the lead in high tech, financial services, military weapons, energy systems, transportation, manufacturing and more. AI is the coolest, strangest, most dangerous, most powerful technology yet. And we Americans, funders of the crucial first fifty years of AI research, are at risk of letting it slip away.”

Jennings makes the case that development—and control—of “friendly AI” become an urgent political priority in the United States. But he does so less through political rants than by what he calls AI storytelling, and by taking the listener on a journey into the brave new world of AIs…a journey that includes original stories, music and poetry, as well as highly accessible explanations about how AI works, and why it matters. Visit www.lightspeedlearners.com to learn more.

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