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Child's History of Art , A: Painting

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Virgil M. Hillyer wrote this book over seventy years ago and it is still being recommended as excellent school curriculum today for Grade 5 students or above. Hillyer does a phenomenal job of making the art world interesting to children as well as to adults. He covers the major painters and art periods and then continues with sculpture and architecture. Painting—Topics include: caves, Egypt, palaces, vessels, Christian art, Renaissance, Rome, Flemish artists, portraits, the poor, impressionists, post-impressionism, Early Americans. Sculpture—Topics include: Egyptain sphinxes, Assyrain cherubs, athletic looking Greeks, natural human poses, miniatures, medals, busts, carved columns, reliefs, gargoyles, doors/gates, churches, animals, tombs, myths, Gods, heroes, symbolism, American President, memorials. Architecture—Topics include: pyramids, temples, ancient culture, arches, columns, domes, decoration, cathedrals, mosques, homes, chateaus, tombs, symmetry, eras, bridges. An adult would receive an excellent overview of the arts by reading this book and it makes an engaging book for children to be introduced to the world of the arts.

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