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Dirty Blonde

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New York Times bestselling author Lisa Scottoline delivers a gripping stand-alone thriller that features a female judge who gets into trouble when the defendant in a high-profile lawsuit is killed

Lawyer Cate Fante, who is attractive, sexy, and tough-minded, has just been appointed to the federal bench in Philadelphia. With her new status in the elite meritocracy that is the federal judiciary, she often feels like an imposter because of her working-class background. For instance, at a fancy dinner, she’s more likely to joke with the waiters than her colleagues. Divorced, Cate also has a secret sex life. She’s attracted to bad boys and working-class men, like the ones she grew up with in the former coal-mining town of Centralia in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Cate is presiding over a high-profile multi-million dollar breach-of-contract lawsuit in which a former Philly ADA is suing the producer of a highly successful TV series for stealing his ideas. All true, but the verbal contract isn’t enforceable. As difficult as it is, this means that Cate has to make a ruling that ends the lawsuit in the sleazy TV guy’s favor. Cate learns that being a judge doesn’t always mean that she can do justice.

Upset over the ruling she had to make, Cate heads for a bar and there meets a good-looking rough-hewn leather-jacketed hunk and goes off with him to a nearby motel. Cate quickly realizes she’s made a mistake, apologizes and turns to leave, but the guy becomes aggressive and Cate barely manages to get out of the room. At home, she turns on the local news to learn that the TV producer from her court case has been shot to death outside a local restaurant. Not only that, but she soon also finds out that a man has been found dead after a fall from a motel’s exterior staircase. A stricken Cate recognizes instantly the pictures of the leather-jacketed man who’d attacked her at the hotel.

Things go from bad to worse in a hurry, and amazingly Cate finds her private life splashed all over the papers and her job in jeopardy. Her only hope is to clear her name and find a murderer.

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Dirty Blonde - Lisa Scottoline

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A good mystery. Cat caused her own problems. Only when things fell apart does she realize what she is doing and takes action.
What I liked...the main character, Judge Cate Fante, is a strong, powerful, smart, witty, feisty, and sexy woman. What I didn't like is that the story is too predictable and not as compelling as most of Scottoline's works. An entertaining, but not gripping, read.
After a bumpy start this novel was very easy to read. I found I relaxed into her style and soon became accustomed to Cate Fante (the main character). I could see the place of Cate's 'secrets' but this was the bit I found unrealistic. I can't say more than secrets as I don't wish to spoil the plot for anyone as it isn't identified on the dust jacket. The characters are easy to get along with and I found the character of Warren really interesting but Gina and Warren seemed like an 'add-on' rather than part of the actual plot. This was a downside as they didn't seem to fit with the story. All the endings were tied up, sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't; in this case it does. I did want to keep turning the pages to find out what was going to happen but this was more because every time I was losing interest along came another excellent revelation. I've not read a novel involving judges before, I often prefer medical thrillers. I would look out for more by her (and other similar novels). I am unable therefore to say how this novel compares to others but as a first one for me I was very pleased.
Eh, I was glad I listened to this one in the car. I probably wouldn't have finished it if I'd picked up the book. One a bright note, the ending was my favorite part of the audiobook (and not just because it was over!). I didn't expect whodunnit, and I was surprised by Kate's best friend's bombshell near the end of the story.
Cate Fante is a compassionate judge with a dark side that gets her into hot water and affects her judicial ability. Well written and an easy read, but the ending, while coming up roses for all concerned, was to me, unrealistic. Otherwise an enjoyable trip into the world of law, lawyers and judges.
An entertaining story that does not suffer from inactivity, rather from believability. Too much, too fast, too tidy in the end.
A friend whose opinion I value recommended this author to me. Huh?I thought is was nothing but a typical male fantasy - female judge bedding working class pick-ups. A waste of time - really stupid, poor plotting, one-dimensional characters.
Cate Fante has recently appointed as one of the youngest judges to the Fed Court. She has a secret, a penchant for one-night stands with men picked up at bars. She finds herself being tailed as source material for a new TV dramady on the secret lives of judges. The producer is found killed alledgedly by a plantiff of a case tried in Cate's courtroom. The plantiff is shortly found dead by apparent suicide. Cate is also embroiled in defending her bench appointment when her secret is exposed.
Judge Cate Fathe gets herself in major trouble when she begins picking up strange men in bars and is exposed in public. A ruling in her court leads to a murder and suicide (presumably). Good quick read.
Listening to the audiobook on my commute. Typical Scottline legal thriller with interesting characters and plot. I can recommend it.
Judge is asked to resign because of poor moral conduct. Great beach read.
This book was a good read over a couple of cold, snowy evenings. The plot was somewhat predictable, but believable and I found myself sympathizing with the main character, Judge Cate Fante, as her world crumbled around her. The blue sky, birds singing conclusion to the story left a little to be desired though. A recommended read and a worthy addition to any mystery collection.
They don't get much worse than this ...
Listened to in the car, which is a great place to listen to stories you don't have to give too much thought to the beauty of the writing, or ones that are so suspenseful you end up flooring the engine because you are so caught up in it. This type of book is perfect -- a decent story, some suspense, a good interplay between the characters, a really good voice actor, and a nice touch of humor and information. I think I like listening to Scottoline better than reading the books, because my TBR pile is so huge that this gives everything a fair chance. The gals of the Rosato & Associates law firm are good, but I like the stand-alones much better.
Good beach read. Interesting main character choice - young, female, attractive federal court judge.
Federal court judge leads a promiscuous secret life that becomes revealed after a ruling made by her turns into a murder and a suicide. She works to clear her name and keep her position while figuring out who the murderer is and who her friends are.
Attorney Cate Fante gets a position as a federal judge but she encounters interference and she almost loses the position.
Yikes! Why do I keep reading these things? Everyone in this book was a simpleton, especially Cate and her idiot law clerks. No wonder no one else wanted them when she fell from grace. I can’t imagine any “legal team” acting like such a bunch of middle-schoolers. And Cate was a pretty lousy judge. She lacked authority and any shred of sense, mouthing off in open court, being woefully unprepared and unable to manage any but the simplest political ploy not to mention her chambers employees. When they wanted to kick her off the bench, I agreed. But of course she’s supposed to be the heroine and I wished that Scottoline was a more talented writer because the idea of getting dismissed as a Federal Judge because of the Judge’s own private life is appalling. I get why the integrity of the position has to extend outside of the courtroom, but because Cate was basically incompetent, she wasn’t terribly sympathetic. A male judge wouldn’t have been subject to ½ of what she was, but the way the story was told was just too outlandish and juvenile to be satisfying.
Pretty interesting mystery with intriguing characters. However, there were some minor Orthodox Jewish characters and the author's lack of knowledge about Judaism showed, which annoyed me.
Scottoline, Lisa, Dirty Blonde, Cal Fante becomes a federal judge, but has a secret life. A high-profile defendant threatens to reveal her secrets, and then there's a murder-suicide, and she has to tell her friends, and find someone who will stand beside her.
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