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Make Money With Your iPhone: 100+ Money-Making Apps and Ideas

Make Money With Your iPhone: 100+ Money-Making Apps and Ideas

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Make Money With Your iPhone: 100+ Money-Making Apps and Ideas

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Oct 5, 2013


Do you want to get the most out of your iPhone? Make Money With Your iPhone is the only book you need to start taking full advantage of this powerful mini-computer that fits in your pocket. Whether you’ve just bought your iPhone, owned yours for years, are thinking of upgrading to the newest model, or simply want to discover unique apps that you might have missed, this is the book for you.
Oct 5, 2013

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Make Money With Your iPhone - College Optional Careers



Apple, Inc. has sold over 250 million iPhones since 2007. In the United States alone, over 25 million people own iPhones. [1] According to a 2012 Piper Jaffray survey, 40% of U.S. teens prefer the iPhone, making it the most popular smartphone choice for that age group. [2]

Making calls, surfing the net, playing games, taking notes, scanning QR Codes, sending and receiving text messages are all functions that every iPhone user can perform with a few taps of the screen. Marketers are taking notice of the growing mobile market and figuring out new ways to reach smartphone users and turn them into customers.

Many smartphone users want to know how they can use their phones to make additional income. They see that hundreds of thousands of apps exist on Apple’s App Store, [3] and dream of creating the next Angry Birds that could pay enough to let them quit their jobs and live the entrepreneurial life.

Are you one of these dreamers? If so, know that you don’t need a lot of specialized knowledge to make money with an iPhone. It’s not necessary to know how to code or how to create apps, either. Start-up capital is nice, but not necessary. The only things you need are your iPhone, free time, self-discipline and the will to learn and improve.

If you don’t want to develop an app, know that you can still make money by using one or more of the apps described in Part I of this book. You can also use your iPhone to manage your business, whether it’s an online store or a brick-and-mortar one.

What is a Smartphone?

The first cell phones could only perform basic functions such as making calls and taking voicemail messages. Most were just as large as landline phones and performed the same basic functions.

In the 1990s, a few smartphones started to appear on the market. These phones allowed people to send and receive emails and faxes from their phones. Some of these early smartphones had keyboards that could slide out of the back of the phone. There were even a few, such as the IBM Simon, that had touch screens. Most of these phones were cumbersome, expensive and only used by a select few.

During the early 2000s, regular cell phones began to include additional features such as text messaging, primitive web browsers, mp3 players, QWERTY keyboards and calendars. People started paying for custom MIDI ringtones of their favorite songs. Cell phone skins – custom cases you can snap on to your phone – became popular with teenagers and young adults.

Today, the word smartphone usually refers to a phone that’s more like a mini-computer with a touch screen. Although phones with touch screens have been available since 1992, the release of the first iPhone in 2007 helped popularize this type of interface.

A smartphone can send and receive phone calls, emails and text messages. These phones usually have built-in cameras that can take photos and record videos. Smartphones can also run applications or apps, that perform a wide variety of functions, from booking flights to taking notes.

What is an app?

An app is a software program built for smartphones and tablet computers. Apps are very similar to the software programs you use on your computer every day, such as Microsoft Word or Firefox. In fact, many software programs are also available in app form as well.

Apps are designed specifically to run on mobile and tablet devices.

What is the App Store?

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users can download apps for their devices from Apple’s App Store. To visit the App Store, tap on the blue App Store icon on the first page of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch’s screen. It should look something like this:

If you have iTunes, you can also go to the iTunes store and click on the App Store option from the header menu (between TV Shows and Books).

There are some links to the app store in this book. If you’re reading this on a computer or a non-Apple device, such as a Kindle Fire or a desktop computer, these links will take you to a page on Apple.com that offers you some more information about the app. If you’re reading this on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, these links should take you directly to the app’s description page on the App Store.

What’s Included in This Guide?

Make Money with Your iPhone is divided into three parts:

Part I provides information about apps that pay their users to do things like taking photos, completing surveys and even going to the gym. It also includes information about how to make money from iPhone photos and videos.

Part II is about creating apps for the iPhone Android and Windows Phone and selling them on the App Store. If learning how to code isn’t of any interest, tips are given for finding a company or freelancer to create apps.

Part III covers how an iPhone can help run a business. These tools can work for businesses of any size, from roadside stands to online emporiums. This part of the book also offers information about marketing to iPhone and other smartphone users, as well as miscellaneous ways to make money from your iPhone.

At the end of the book, the Directory lists all apps and websites mentioned throughout the guide. The Resources section, which comes after the Directory, should help with any further research into these topics.

Where to Start

If you’d like to learn more about downloading and using money-making apps, start with Part I to learn more about how to make money with apps that already exist.

If you’re more interested in developing apps, whether you know how to code or not, you could start with Part II to learn how to create and sell apps in Apple’s iPhone App Store. Whether you know how to code or not, this part of t

If you want to know how to use your iPhone to manage and build a business, start with Part III. This section covers apps and add-ons for business owners, as well as ways to reach smartphone users through ads, mobile websites and other marketing programs.

Are These College Optional Careers?

While you don’t need a college degree to learn how to develop apps or to use apps yourself, you shouldn’t quit your day job – or leave your current career path – until you have a track record of making enough money to live on from one or more of the apps listed in this book.

It’s possible to turn app development, videography, photography, microjobbing or even blogging into a full-time career. It’s also possible to keep your day job and use the additional income from your iPhone to pay off debts, build up a rainy day fund or invest in other business ventures.

Learning how to use the apps, programs and programming languages in this book might help you find a better job or get you promoted where you currently work. If you’re talented enough or if you can recognize talent in others, you can also start your own app development company, where clients pay your company to create apps for them.

If you’re ready, turn the page to learn some of the common myths about making (or not making) money with an iPhone.


The app market changes quickly and without warning. New apps enter the market just as established apps get discontinued. Any company on this list might change their app’s interface beyond recognition, add new features to it or change its rewards system before I can update the book.

Because of this fluidity, I can’t guarantee that the app descriptions and screenshots used in this book will be completely current. If one or more of the apps in this book has changed substantially, please tell me about these changes using the form at www.college-optional-careers.com/contact-us.html. (If you want to add some screenshots to your message, please use a free image hosting service like Imgur.)


[1] http://www.geekwire.com/2012/100-million-americans-smartphone-47-percent-choose-windows-phone/

[2] http://www.idownloadblog.com/2012/10/09/new-study-shows-40-percent/

[3] http://ipod.about.com/od/iphonesoftwareterms/qt/apps-in-app-store.htm


Chapter 1: Common Myths

Chapter 2: Get Paid to Take Photos; How to Make Money with Instagram

Chapter 3: Shooting Videos with Your iPhone

Chapter 4: iPhone Camera Accessories

Chapter 5: Microjob Apps

Chapter 6: Get Paid to Test Apps

Chapter 7: Survey Apps

Chapter 8: Saving Money

Chapter 9: Get Paid in Gift Certificates and Other Rewards

Chapter 10: Miscellaneous Money-Making Apps



People assume that making money with a digital device, such as a smartphone or the internet, is either impossible to do or extremely easy. Either nobody can do it or any idiot can. The truth lies between these two extremes.

Making money with an iPhone isn’t rocket science, but it’s not magic, either. Just like making money in the real world, making money with an iPhone takes time, patience, determination, dedication, education and planning. There’s no easy money button out there waiting for you to press it.

The following are some common myths about making money with an iPhone that you may have heard:

It’s Impossible to Make Money with an iPhone

Many people won’t think twice about spending four years and $160,000 to get a degree in Hermeneutics of the Norwegian Fish Market. But spend $99 to get an app developer’s license or spend three month’s free time learning to code and these same people will act like you’ve gone insane. Don’t you know that nobody succeeds at that – as opposed to the jetsetters in the thriving field of Hermeneutic Fish-Market Studies?

This skepticism typically comes from naysayers who don’t know very much or from people who have tried, failed and concluded it’s impossible because they didn’t succeed. And if they didn’t succeed, how could anyone else?

Does this mean you’ll get rich? Not necessarily. But don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t make any money whatsoever.

Developing Apps is an Easy Way to Generate Passive Income

Instead of unbridled pessimism, you may encounter unbridled optimism – sometimes from

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