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Salesman to Superstar: Out Sell, Out Close, Out Earn Your Competition!

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Salesman to Superstar: Out Sell, Out Close, Out Earn Your Competition!

Până la James J. Kolins

Lungime: 500 pagini6 ore


Salesman to Superstar, like mixed martial arts, teaches the perfect combination of skills and techniques that create superior salespeople. From novice to professional this results oriented book will dramatically improve your sales call- to-close ratio and consequently your earnings potential will sky-rocket. If you want to be the best you can be, succeed beyond your wildest dreams and make more money than you ever thought possible, you need to learn the skills, techniques and methodologies presented so expertly in Salesman to Superstar.

Just as art is much more than paint and a canvas, the art of selling requires knowledge of skills, techniques and methodologies far beyond the basics. To be a superstar you need to learn much more than how to make a cold call, how to present a value proposition, how to handle objections and how to close. Sales experience is not the same as sales training. No other profession, from doctor to lawyer to engineer would allow someone to practice without extensive training. How can you hope to maximize your earning potential without having comprehensive training in your craft? If you have been selling for a number of years, you may not know what skills you’re missing that would catapult you from sales professional to sales superstar. Those who master Salesman to Superstar will out earn, outperform and out sell their peers guaranteed!

If you want to be a top 5% performer in not just your company but in your entire industry, Salesman to Superstar is your resource for salesmanship excellence.

Own this book today!

If you are from a country outside the USA and want to learn how to sell like the top producers in America, this book is a must have.
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