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Survival Guide

Până la Janine Schott

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This book includes 30 informative chapters divided into Part 1 - Prepare for Travel, Part 2 - Passage and Part 3 - Prepare for survival (in natural disasters and other emergencies).
John Brandt's career began some 50 years ago in cryptology, counterintelligence, counterterrorism and undercover work in association with Special Forces around the world, particularly with Israeli Special Forces and the SAS. This provides him with extensive knowledge in the fields of intelligence and counter-terrorism. Due to the classified nature of the work he was often involved in, a great deal of travelling and undercover work was required.
Edited By Janine Schott, this book is easy to use and includes handy appendices including:
Appendix A ~ To Do List (prior to travel)
Appendix B ~ Shopping List (for travel)
Appendix C ~ What to pack (when travelling)
This handy little book will ensure that you leave no essentials behind and enjoy the safest journey possible. It will also enable the reader to maximise their chances of survival in a natural disaster or other emergency.
Future editions will include topics suggested by readers so download it periodically!

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