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World Class Selling, 2nd edition

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World Class Selling, 2nd edition

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Evaluare: 5 din 5 stele5/5 (1} stea)
Lungime: 525 pagini7 ore


World Class Selling, 2nd edition is a scientific process that enables you to sell any product, service, or idea. Behind its procedures, lies an ethical philosophy that you can rely on: a win-win philosophy of servicing the customer. You never need to con or pressure a prospect, or do anything against your standards or contrary to your personality.

You will learn the buyers hidden agenda: the Five Buying Decisions that every prospect must make before buying. If you don't know what these decisions are, or the precise order in which they are made, you cannot reach your potential in sales. In World Class Selling, you will learn the Seven Steps of the Track Selling System TM that carry you smoothly through each of the prospects' buying decisions in the correct order.

You will also learn the Six Buying Motives--the "hot buttons" in selling. By adapting your presentations to your prospects' motives, you will increase your sales and your customers' satisfaction.

The skills, techniques, and philosophy of World Class Selling, 2nd edition will give you a sustainable advantage over your competition. World Class Selling, 2nd edition will show you how to sell more, and have more fun in the process.

Roy E. Chitwood World Class Selling, 2nd edition

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