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Gridlock Solution

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Gridlock Solution

Până la Owen Davis

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The discovery of an inexhaustible power supply and its development into commercial applications is cloaked in secrecy, but the Federal Lab in Los Alamos learns of the activity and labels it a threat to national security if it falls into the wrong hands. So the Feds, a mid eastern country and a big oil company try to takeover the discovery. The ensuing fights for control of the power supply turn to kidnapping and murder before the spectacular demonstrations of the new power source stimulate an avalanche of activity throughout American industries racing to be the first to market with new applications. The partners seize the opportunity to use the discovery as a catalyst to expose the basic problems causing all the manufacturing jobs being exported out of America and they attempt to force Washington into action necessary to bring the jobs back home. The following are excerpts from the congressional hearing where Becker Knight and his partners have been summoned to explain their refusal to pay the onerous taxes on their new power supply:
"Mister Knight!" A Congressman interrupted. "Are you implying our whole economic problem and the unemployment situation in our country have purposely been driven by government actions?"
"No! I'm not just implying it. I am stating it as a fact, and I include the government's purposeful lack of action to get entitlements under control. It's time someone had the guts to make such a statement and I make no apologies for it."
"Excuse me sir." The junior senator said. "Who do you think you are? On what authority do you think you can come before this combined committee of the United States Senate and House of Representatives to insist on such bold actions?"
"My partners and I are the ones offering the gridlock solution. We don't ask for any awards for saving our nation but we insist you lawmakers get your act together and do what's right for America. Unlike many companies, we are standing up for America instead of taking our business elsewhere, and we are leading the initiative for all the businesses still holding on in hopes you will make the changes we have outlined so they can remain in America too.
"We have also shown some leadership by setting an example in hopes you and other patriots here in Washington D.C. will follow by reducing your own compensation. That would go a long way toward getting everyone behind the movement.
"I compare our need for patriotism and cooperation throughout our population to the time after Pearl Harbor was bombed on December 7th, 1941 everyone came together to help defeat the Japanese and German armies bent on destroying us and our allies. Our industrial strength and economy have been under attack from within for years and we are about to lose the war if we don't defend ourselves. We need that overwhelming patriotic action of everyone working together to bring our manufacturing industry and full employment back home."

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