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The 4 Secret Steps of a Sales Master

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The 4 Secret Steps of a Sales Master

Până la Tony Perry

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Discover the true secrets of top sales professionals.

Sales masters have long ago learned the secrets to selling effectively and maximizing every opportunity. They are fluid in their delivery, masterfully reduce price objections and have more customers wanting to buy.

The 4 Secret Steps of a Sales Master is a complete approach to your career. You will discover the 12 critical skills every top sales professional has perfected and the key tactics you can begin now to get immediate results.

In this book, you will learn:
When the right attitude fuels your sales growth
How your daily plan impacts your career
What you really need to know about the products and services that you sell
How your customer presentation can create more sales
How your goals can change your motivation
How much prospecting is enough
What selling skills generate more sales on every order
How you can reduce price objections and sell more on value
About the Authors:
Shane Riley is the Director of National Sales for one of the largest wholesale flooring companies in North america with over 600 sales professionals.
Tony Perry is a personal sales coach and the Vice President of Training and Education for a global cooperative of retail and wholesale companies with over 3,000 locations around the world.

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