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How to Create & Deliver Effective Presentations: Pocketbook

How to Create & Deliver Effective Presentations: Pocketbook

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How to Create & Deliver Effective Presentations: Pocketbook

36 pages
22 minutes
May 8, 2012


An invaluable book for anyone who stands up in front of an audience. Do you know how to prepare & deliver your presentation in manner that engages, inspires & leaves people talking about you for the right reasons? Do you know how to choose visual & audio aids that enhance not detract from your message?
If you want to be a better presenter & increase your professional standing this book is a must.

May 8, 2012

Despre autor

Sarah Simpson is a freelance trainer specialising in designing and delivering bespoke training, learning and development courses. She is also the founder and owner of Dragontooth Training & Consultancy. Sarah is a Fellow of The Institute of Leadership and Management (FIntLM), holds an MBA (Life Sciences), BSc (Hons) and the Diploma and Certificate in Management.

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How to Create & Deliver Effective Presentations - Sarah Simpson



I passionately believe that's it's not just what you say that counts, it's also how you say it - that the success of your argument critically depends on your manner of presenting it (Alain de Botton)

Presenting comes in many forms. From the large auditorium to the much smaller, but sometimes just as intimidating team meeting.

We have all encountered inspiring, motivational people whose presenting style and message leaves us feeling inspired and enthused. Conversely we will also have experienced a lacklustre style which is ineffective, de-motivating and sometimes painfully embarrassing.

So, why should you be a great presenter? Surely your material will speak for itself, right?... Wrong. A well planned and practiced presentation will increase the impact of your message, add to your professional reputation and credibility and ensure your key presentation objectives are met.

3 Main Presentation Elements

A presentation is made up of three main elements:




In order to deliver an effective presentation you have to recognise and appreciate what makes a 'good' or 'bad' delivery. You can then ensure your own presentation takes account of these observations and eliminates ineffective and poorly received elements.

The best way of doing this is to deconstruct an effective or ineffective presentation you have been in the audience for in terms of; audience, content and presenter. Everyone's answers will differ slightly but in general the following observations are made.

'Poor' or ineffective presentations are likely to have the characteristics of:

Poor slide choice - colours, words, font, effects, inappropriate pictures

Lack of audience participation

Monotone, lacklustre presenter who delivers too fast,  too slow or who shouts

Hesitant delivery (‘erm’ and ‘uh’) or reading verbatim

A 'look at me' presenter who seems to be

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