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Lungime: 196 pagini2 ore


History and modern culture cosmically clash in this lighthearted tale of deception and breaking-away where the fates of two remarkable young women fall into the hands of one remarkably meddlesome ghost.

For the young, the young-at-heart, and anyone in between: A new novel from the critically acclaimed author of 'The Secret Keeping' and 'The Secret Trilogy'.

First published by the renowned women's press Spinster Ink, Francine Saint Marie's debut novel 'The Secret Keeping' was a LAMBDA Notable Book, a Goldie Award finalist, a semi-finalist for the Independent Publisher's Award, and an IPPY Bronze medalist. Her popular LGBT classic 'The Secret Trilogy' was nominated for the prestigious Ferro/Grumley Literary Prize. She is also the recent recipient of the Green Book Award which honors works of fiction and nonfiction that bring greater awareness to issues concerning the environment. A writer and artist living in New York, 'Persuasion' is Saint Marie's fifth published novel to date.

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