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A Girl and Her Bank: Munich Merchants

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A Girl and Her Bank: Munich Merchants

Până la CJ King

Lungime: 418 pagini6 ore


‘A Girl and Her Bank: The Munich Merchants’
The year is 1970 and Rhys Cairneddyn, Master of the Games has been killed. Rhys’ four European banks and shipping company are inherited by Althea, an art student peace protestor daughter grown up in California. A careful détente broken after this betrayal and execution of Althea’s father, as Swiss and German bankers, drug lords and arms dealers line up to destroy the girl before she puts them out of business.
The girl has been wounded and forced to rely on Special Forces Col. Lev Baranov and John Preston’s mercenary Silver Company. An unlikely coalition formed to retake her Munich Merchants Bank and put a stop to the bank’s laundering of drugs and armaments monies. The book opens in a desperate attempt made to rescue Althea’s mother and two brothers before they’re taken hostage. A family Althea has never met and powerful new friends, who may be foes, in her brave voyage of discovery and a new attempt to change the world of banking.
One college student takes a stand against Nixon’s bankrupt Federal reserve and the German bankers funding the Pentagon’s military machine in the Vietnam conflict. As Swiss and German creditors line up to demand the return of their gold, the people of the world stumble under the burdens of devalued currency, weak housing and no jobs. It is the stark awakening of ‘Nixon Shock” when the governments of the world abandon gold standard currency. Overnight one dollar is devalued to less than 13 cents.

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