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So you want to build a computer...

So you want to build a computer...

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So you want to build a computer...

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Jun 14, 2012


Apple makes great mobile products as we all know: iPod, iPad, and iPhone, but their PCs are very expensive. So why throw down for a Mac when YOU can build your very own PC for a fraction of the cost, yet will be just as fast, if not faster? This guide gives the would-be PC builder a top-ten list of essential rules to follow in order to successfully build a solid system that will do it all! Enjoy.

Jun 14, 2012

Despre autor

If I can write a novel, then you surely can! I've been writing since 2007. I’ve also been a stay-home dad since 2007. Hmm—coincidence? My primary genre of preference for writing (though, what exactly is a genre anymore) is YA/ MG fiction, but ultimately I go wherever the story takes me, whether short story, flash fiction, or adult fiction. And when I say YA, I mean more like J.K. Rowling, not Sarah Dessen. My alias is J. Paul Wallace. I am a prime example of someone who can write, minus all the education and acronyms at the end of my name.

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So you want to build a computer... - J. P. Kurzitza

So you want to build a computer...

A Smashwords Edition


Copyright © J.P. Kurzitza 2012

Also by J.P. Kurzitza


The Jason D Saga

Book I – July


So you want to write a novel...

So you want to publish an ebook...

For Josh.

If you are disciplined and practice, you can always do it!



Top-Ten List

The Build


About the Author


So you want to build your very own sparkling computer, do ya? Are you sure? Really, really sure? Because I'll help you if you are. But if you just want to half-ass it and cram wires and fans and other hardware into a metal box and start playing World of Warcraft, then you've downloaded the wrong ebook, my friend.

So I thought I'd lend you a helping hand if you suddenly got the itch to become a do-it-yourself (DIY) computer builder. No, I didn't say break-it-yourself (BIY.) Make no mistake, my eager builder, there is a very fine line between DIY and BIY, and usually that line gets crossed as a result of three very prominent human conditions: impatience, laziness, and being cheap (oops, should I have said frugal?)

For seven years prior to becoming a stay-home dad/ writer, my career and passion was in computers—primarily building and servicing them. I still love the whole process of computer building. In fact, just before I began writing this manual, I built myself a sweet little rig to FINALLY replace my struggling laptop. It's a modest PC with ample horsepower that goes above and beyond what I had hoped for. Because I knew what I was doing.

But I digress.

Where was I? Right—BIYers. Trust me; during my

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