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In Search of Hippocrates: A Solution to the Health Care Crisis Facing America

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In Search of Hippocrates: A Solution to the Health Care Crisis Facing America

Până la Mark Handwerker

Lungime: 217 pagini3 ore



Over the last several decades the cost of Health Care in America has skyrocketed to the point where expenditures for medical care will soon -- in a matter of years -- bankrupt our Nation. This was not the kind of future anticipated for our democracy by the Founding Fathers who wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of The United States of America. It has therefore become necessary for us to truthfully identify and vigorously confront the real causes of the Health Care Crisis facing America and account for those massive expenditures that could cripple our economy.

"In Search of Hippocrates" is a forceful and comprehensive analysis of the history of how we got into this mess and an in depth examination of the major cost drivers accelerating the upward spiral of rising medical care expenses. This presentation gives both the American people and their elected representatives the opportunity to take a cold hard look at the facts and presents a simple, fair, and equitable solution to the problem. It is an innovative and enterprising solution that will put every American citizen in charge of how their money is spent and, at the same time, provide all of us with excellent and affordable Health Care at significantly reduced costs.

The gauntlet has been cast for us to do what is necessary to meet this challenge and to maintain our Nation’s status as the most powerful industrial democracy in the world.

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