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Uncharted Frontier EZine Issue 2

Uncharted Frontier EZine Issue 2

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Uncharted Frontier EZine Issue 2

53 pages
47 minutes
Aug 31, 2012


Uncharted Frontier is the best FREE fiction e-zine made specifically for mobile devices! We are published on iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Sony EBooks and all other major digital distribution outlets aimed at the smartphone and tablet audience!

Stories in our September issue include: Reboot, a story about life in a small town after all technology ceases to work in a matter of seconds. Gilded, Glittering -- Our first poem ever published in Uncharted Frontier. More stories and incredible photography by Eric W. Gregory Photography, Allison Walker, and Faith Kuzio all wait for prying eyes.

As a special surprise in this month's issue, we interview August's featured author, Randy Boone, on his previous submission Again. See what lurks in the mind of a dreadlock toting English professor!

Welcome to the Frontier!

Aug 31, 2012

Despre autor

Allan is the Chief Editor and Publisher of Uncharted Frontier EZine, the premier EZine for the soon-to-be famous creative artists, writers and photographers who deserve to have a voice to the world! He is a life-long writer, RPG fanatic, and video game afficienado, whose video game reviews have appeared in Games for Windows Magazine, Mentality Magazine, Gamespot featured community reviews, and more. He spends his time in Pennsylvania frequenting old book stores, coffee shops, and Guitar Centers.

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Uncharted Frontier EZine Issue 2 - Allan Kaspar

Uncharted Frontier EZine Issue 2

Published by Allan Kaspar at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Allan Kaspar

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

Thank you for downloading this free ebook. You are welcome to share it with your friends. This book may be reproduced, copied and distributed for non-commercial purposes, provided the book remains in its complete original form. If you enjoyed this book, please return to Smashwords.com to discover other works by this author. Thank you for your support.


Table of Contents

Reboot by Allan Kaspar

Night Moves by Cindy Brozino

Gilded, Glittering by Kristiana Morton

Interview With Randy Boone by Allan Kaspar

The Singer Part 2 by Dennis J. Bock

Standoff by Allan Kaspar

Artist/Author Biographies



By Allan Kaspar

Saturday, April 27th, 8:00 AM

Breathe. Inhale. John repeated this over and over in his mind until his body responded properly. The passion of their climax and the intensity of Haley's agile rotation of her hips as they were lost in the throes of orgasm had him on the verge of passing out. Haley collapsed on top of him, and filled John's view with a mound of her brown hair. He ran his fingers through it, and kissed her on the forehead. Haley trembled slightly and moaned as they separated, their bodies seemingly unwilling to part.

God damn, Hale. Just when I think I can handle you, you go and pull something like this. I almost passed out! John said, laughing.

Haley turned and looked at him, smiling mischievously. This was the way to start a Saturday, she thought, then kissed him. The sun was shining in their room, filling it with the bright of a new day. They had been at it since sunrise. John brushed his hand on her cheek, Breakfast?

Sure! Haley beamed, after that morning workout I find myself craving... meat.

They laughed together, set about finding some morning clothes and headed downstairs after they were dressed. Haley put on a fresh pot of coffee, and instantly a strong odor of dark roast coffee filled their nostrils. John opened up the fridge, grabbed the box of eggs, some cheese, leftover ham and half an onion to cut up for the morning's Omelette Surpise. He wanted to get an early start on a full belly. They were heading to Apple Canyon Vineyards to spend the day. John and Haley had their first date there, almost a year ago to the day, and he really looked forward to going back.

Today is going to be the perfect day.


8:45 AM

The moist dirt sifted through his fingers in small chunks, flecks of it caking to his skin. Jerome took a moment to watch the dirt fall from his hand to the ground, like the sands in some giant hourglass, only to cover a small scattering of seeds below. The sun felt warm and the sky looked clear. Jerome smiled. There was something about planting more vegetables and herbs in his already massive garden that made him happy.

Jerome could hear the ring of his cellphone going off inside the screened porch that hung off the side of his house. He usually left it inside when he went to tend his garden, and most of the time he meant to. This, Jerome thought, is my time to enjoy the natural world. I don't want to taint it with the interruptions of modern technology.

Today was different though. John (one of his close friends since childhood) made plans a couple weeks prior to spend the day at the Vineyard, and invited Jerome to join him and Haley. That's probably them now, he figured, and patted the freshly laid dirt, and squirted water from the hose that lay beside him on top of it. Grow, grow and grow! he encouraged, and headed towards the house to get his phone.

Jerome saw the screen and shook his head.

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