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Johnny Morris and the Convertibles

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Johnny Morris and the Convertibles

Până la Terry Aspinall

Lungime: 223 pagini4 ore


This story is fiction, however it is based on a collection of events that actual happened to me or some of my musician friends during my 50 years in the music industry.

The story takes you back to the late 50's and through to the early swinging sixties, when the musical world suddenly awoke to the sounds of a new musical revolution that was emerging from all parts of England. Johnny Morris and the Convertibles were part of that revolution that took them on one hell of a wild ride, as they slowly made their way to the top of their profession. While enjoying the brighter side of life along the way, they often fell victim to the darker side, that lay in wait, and in the end, it became their undoing.

This is a personal account of how Johnny Morris remembers his rise and fall.

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