Ambassador of Progress

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Ambassador of Progress

Evaluare: 3.5 din 5 stele3.5/5 (22 stele)
Lungime: 469 pagini9 ore


“Well-developed characters, an intriguing plot and a clear-eyed view of the double-edged sword called change make [AMBASSADOR OF PROGRESS] an engrossing book...”

“Williams has an above-average knack for fast pacing, gritty realism, and high-tech details.”

An interstellar catastrophe has left humanity scattered on dozens of primitive worlds. Fiona is an emissary to one such world, charged with helping the inhabitants of Echidne rise from barbarism.

But once she’s arrived on the planet, she finds herself in the middle of a war... the Brodaini, the world’s most ferocious warriors, have risen in revolt against their overlords. The combat soon threatens to become a war of extermination.

Fiona is a neutral. But Echidne is proving a perilous place for neutrals...

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