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Outside The Box

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Outside The Box

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This book is meant as a means of alternate thinking. As with all theoretical books, and ways of thought, there is always a certain amount of guesswork, hence theoretic. Most of this book is my way of thinking, but on occasions I may just give an alternative explanation, which I may not necessarily agree with, but I leave it up to you, the reader, to decide for yourself. There is very little, mathematics, or hard scientific formula within this book. It is meant for the layman, and written in layman’s words.

When one looks at their surroundings one should look further than just the items themselves, and discover a whole universe just waiting to be explored.

Theoretical book about the universe, God, Dimensions and everything else that gets one thinking "outside the box".
This book is straight to the point with no puffing, there could be a book for every chapter. A very interesting read, with views and facts that really get you thinking, which is the whole idea of the book, to get the layman thinking about his surroundings and ask the questions.

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