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The Idea Hump

The Idea Hump

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The Idea Hump

120 pages
57 minutes
Dec 20, 2012


The Idea Hump by John France provides the “start to the start up.”

The hardest part is getting started, taking those first steps. John shares what has helped him get started and through the ups and downs, the successes and struggles, that come with the beginning stages of an idea. In this book, John provides the how-to of doing something now with your new and great idea.

The Idea Hump is a motivating ride over, around, and through the mountain-like obstacles that loom over your idea.

What holds you back from moving forward with your idea? It is the idea hump.

By way of simplicity and sincerity John shares what he has learned in his new book, The Idea Hump.

Anyone with a great idea should read The Idea Hump, whether you are a seasoned professional, CEO, inventor, engineer, part of an R&D initiative, parent, teen, college student, recent grad, or unemployed. The Idea Hump provides lifetime skills that get you started and keep you going.

The Idea Hump is available in ebook (digital format) and print .

Dec 20, 2012

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The Idea Hump - John France


By John France

Text copyright © 2012 John France

All Rights Reserved

Published by Two Thirds Scale

Smashwords Edition

This book is available in print at most online retailers.

Smashwords Edition, License Statement

This book is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you are reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to Smashwords.com and purchase your own copy.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/ or send a letter to Creative Commons, 444 Castro Street, Suite 900, Mountain View, California, 94041, USA.

Please refer to Smashwords.com to discover other works by John France

For Sydney and Michael

Table Of Contents


Chapter 1 - Your Idea

Chapter 2 - The Hump

Chapter 3 - The Centipede's Dilemma

Chapter 4 - Toads Eat Centipedes

Chapter 5 - Don't Play Harvard Business In A World That Doesn't Care

Chapter 6 - Three Rules-Of-Thumb

Chapter 7 - Basic Idea Tools

Chapter 8 - Purpose, Objective, Goals

Chapter 9 - Breathe Today's Air

Chapter 10 - Work The Mixture Into A Paste

About The Author

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Looking Up At The Hump

The hump is formidable. It is impressively large. It looms like a giant. There is no way over it. There is no way through it. There is no way around it. So it seems.

The hump just sits there; as stagnant water it is motionless. It is absent of all initiative. It is a source of frustration like trying to bore a hole in water. As if cast in concrete, the hump cannot be budged, the heavy burden it is. It is the weight of a thousand reminders nipping, nagging, never going away. The hump is persistent in its torments as it wells up headaches and its fever swells blisters of frustration.

You take a running start at it to no avail, slamming into it, exhausted to try again. It will not be coaxed, cajoled, or bribed. You cannot beat it into submission nor beg it for mercy. The hump goes nowhere. At times, it even seems to fight back, and when you muster the will to attack, it spits at you, as if a hissing viper taunting you, daring you to make a move.

You curse it. You swear at it. You promise it. You stare at it. There it is as big as ever. It even grew. The despair makes you want to scream yet you keep coming back for more. The hump pulls you toward it like a bull to the slaughter.

It is the idea hump. It is what keeps you from moving forward with your idea, project, plan, invention, hopes, and wishes.

The idea hump is a road block. You just cannot get past it. It is more than a bump in the road. To you it is Mount Everest. The idea hump is a trip wire on the first step of the race, a hurdle before your first stride out of the blocks.

The idea hump carries with it a great deal of stress. It is present on every project. It accompanies every idea. Its presence bears down on you as a bully that will not let up. You rest, nap, and sleep with it. You ride in the car with it. You go for a run, a jog, a stroll, a walk with it. It will not leave your side. You know it is there.

What is it about the idea hump that impedes progress? How do you navigate over, around, or through the hump?

The idea hump is poised to wreak havoc; no one is exempt. You have a great idea and you just cannot get started.

Chapter 1

Your Idea

Your idea is not the hump. Your idea is not the problem.

Your idea is simply a bundle of thoughts that are gathered around a mental picture, concept, notion, opinion, belief, or theory. As a conglomerate of simple thoughts, your idea is inanimate and cannot be personified as formidable, foreboding, or fearful. It does not posses personality. Your idea is not a thing, product, nor business. Simply, your idea is a collection of vowels and consonants strung together into a thought, within your brain.

Your thoughts are prompted by what you see, hear, feel, smell, taste, and experience. Ideas are generated by rapid and unique combinations of these ingredients, uniquely yours. Your brain is an idea generator.

Your idea may be to build, plant, or make something. Your thoughts or ideas may center on learning a new skill, pursuing a new hobby, venture, or business. Your idea may become an invention. You may have thought of a new process or product for the company you work for. Ideas revolve around so many things and endeavors, they are endless. In The Idea Hump, your idea is any undertaking, project, concept, endeavor, or task you are having difficulty moving forward, whether of a personal nature or commercial venture.

Be mindful, your idea is not a business. A business is one of many structures you may employ to commercialize your idea. Stay focused on your idea and insulate it from the pressure of making money at the outset, though your intention may be to use your idea to start a business. Keep the initial effort of doing something with your idea disentangled from the desire to run a business. Think of your initial effort as the start to the startup.

Is Your Idea Unique?

Your idea may be new. It may have just popped into your mind. Your idea may be old. It may be a mental picture of a new product or thoughts of a new process residing in the back of your mind for quite a while, perhaps decades. It may have some company through coincidence. For example, you may have overheard a stranger speaking about an idea that coincidentally chimes like yours. Your idea may be exactly, somewhat, or nothing like what someone else has thought of. It does not matter at this juncture. Instead, invigorate your confidence by acknowledging your capacity to independently think of something new. You are a unique idea generator.

More often than not, ideas are not unique. There is much truth to the saying, There is nothing new under the sun. Even so, it is prudent to turn over a few rocks to see if your idea has legs.

Though surrounded by a sea of seven billion human minds, on this globe, with their countless ideas, plus the countless billions who preceded you, your idea is not precluded from having a twist or facet unique enough to capitalize upon. Considering ever changing technologies, coupled to fresh waves of trends, shifting climate conditions, both economic and environmental, opportunity always lives just below the surface of the mundane. Your idea may entitle you to your niche or open a new market.

What if your idea is not so new? Here is a way to look at the potential disappointment. Odds are your idea, as it presently sits in your brain, is in production somewhere. Odds are a version

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