Lies, Spies & Unfinished Business

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Lies, Spies & Unfinished Business

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A missing husband and a fake emergency number sends Lindsay Mayer into a tailspin. Enter close friend, Chloe Brennan, an attorney with the Justice Department, to help solve the problem of a dear friend who is emotionally lost over the betrayal of a lying, wandering husband. You give her a new name, a new life, a new reason to get on with living a full life.

Five years later, special agent, Honor Danforth, enters the scene of British and American diplomacy that is about to be ambushed by a deadly assassin.
Only working with a crack US agent, can Honor Danforth hope to save the British Embassy from the latest terrorist activity. Then, the duo has some unfinished business of their own to settle, and it looks near impossible.

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