Against Infinity

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Against Infinity

Până la Gregory Benford

Evaluare: 3 din 5 stele3/5 (36 stele)
Lungime: 372 pagini7 ore


A gripping, masterfully written adventure set against the violent beauty of a planet in the throes of cataclysmic transformation, “Against Infinity” is Gregory Benford's timeless portrait of a young man's coming of age.

On the icelands of Ganymede, a man and a boy hunt for the Aleph—an alien artifact that ruled Ganymede for countless millenia, Infinitely dangerous, the Aleph haunts men's dreams and destroys all efforts to terraform Ganymede into a habitable planet. Now an ancient struggle is joined, as a boy seeks manhood, a man seeks enlightenment, and a society seeks to survive.

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