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The Translation of Daniel

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The Translation of Daniel

Până la Wade Venden

Lungime: 256 pagini4 ore


When life-weary Daniel returns home to his apartment after a hard day at work and finds an eviction notice on his front door, his world abruptly shatters. Left to choose between picking up the pieces or abandoning them utterly, he chooses the latter and sets out on a new path with nothing but his mattress and a pair of pajamas.

Instantly, he causes a stir in staid and sleepy Newburg, his lifelong home. The man everyone thought they knew now seems to have gone over the deep end, sleeping outside on a mattress, wandering aimlessly each day in his blue-striped pajamas, or simply sitting in meditation at the park. No one knows what to make of him, especially his short-tempered father.

But Daniel soon finds refuge in the counsel of the resident priest, David Petrowski, who detects the miraculous in Daniel’s transformation. As Daniel’s family and the townspeople struggle to come to grips with what is happening to Daniel, it becomes certain that when the dust settles, no one will ever be the same again.

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