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Sell and Grow Rich

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Sell and Grow Rich

Până la Robert Stuberg

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Selling is the world’s highest paid profession. Unfortunately, there are millions of salespeople that don’t make much money. How can that be? It’s simple really. Here are the two steps for failing in the world of sales:

1.Don’t learn the rules of selling.
2.Don’t practice the rules of selling.

All you have to do to guarantee your failure is to implement those two ideas. They will work every time without exception.

Conversely, being successful in the world of selling just requires turning those two simple ideas around so it reads like this:

1.Learn the rules of selling.
2.Practice the rules of selling.

While this may seem like an oversimplification, I can promise you that it’s not. Becoming successful at anything requires that you learn and apply the fundamentals. And what’s interesting to observe is how the top people in any field can always be found practicing the fundamentals. The purpose of this small book is to provide you with the fundamentals for selling. If you learn them and apply them, your success at selling is guaranteed.

We live in a world that operates based on laws and not on luck. In fact, I like to remind myself often that luck is what happens when preparedness meets opportunity. The truth is that we each create our own luck with our own thoughts and actions. This book is about the thoughts and actions that create success in selling.

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