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Quick Guide: How Top Salespeople Sell

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Quick Guide: How Top Salespeople Sell

Până la Paul C Burr

Lungime: 47 pagini23 minute


Within you will discover how:
• Customers fundamentally only ask four questions:
1. Do I trust you?
2. What value do you bring to the table?
3. Are you the right person/organisation to do business with?
4. How does it work (i.e. feature/benefits) or how will we work together?
• Moderate performing salespeople often answer these four questions in reverse order.
• Top performers do things better and differently; they...
- Focus firstly on Questions 1 and 2
- Ask better questions that nurture insight and instil passion
- Guide customers sensitively on a spiral journey in and out of the problems they face. The dualistic nature of this journey inspires action.
- Engage the customer to evaluate the consequences of both action and inaction.
- Understand and apply what CxOs expect and value from business relationships
• Top salespeople know the answer to a CEO’s first question, “Why am I, personally, talking to you?”
• The future of sales will rely more on truth than trust
• How to raise your organisation's like-for-like sales performance by 20-30% or more.

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