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Common Sense Sales

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Common Sense Sales

Până la Sam Lorimer

Lungime: 167 pagini2 ore


Common Sense Sales provides insights in four key areas where every seller should hone their skills - regardless of experience level:

I. Differentiating Yourself. In this section Lorimer provides thoughts on how to separate yourself from the rest of the me-too selling world.
II. Making the Work Count. More happens in the day of a seller than most give credit for - make it count!
III. Getting to the Meeting. Sellers spend a significant amount of our effort asking for appointments with decision makers - this section will help you get there faster.
IV. Making the Most of Your Customer Conversation. Selling is a series of conversations. Make those interactions more meaningful and watch your sales grow.

Lorimer draws on years of experience in fast growth companies along with his personal production, having closed hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. His teams consistently perform at the top and Lorimer shares his insights on how he makes that happen. A must read for any seller looking to take their performance to the next level.

Lorimer is also the author of "Click 'Send' and Sell: Three Unconventional Emails with Extraordinary Sales Results".

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