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The Write Tool for the Job

The Write Tool for the Job

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The Write Tool for the Job

79 pages
41 minutes
Jun 25, 2013


Writers describe the software and equipment they can't live without as they do their job. Includes information for all types of writers, including fiction, non-fiction, technical, and medical writers. Recently updated 2013 edition.

Jun 25, 2013

Despre autor

Emma Hitt, PhD, ELS, founder of Hitt Medical Writing (HMW), LLC, earned her doctoral degree in the area of cancer-related signal transduction from Emory University. She also has an MS in technical and professional communication and has earned the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences (BELS) certification. HMW, LLC, is a medical writing team that can complete large medical writing projects under very tight deadlines.

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The Write Tool for the Job - Emma Hitt

The Write Tool for the Job

Compiled by

Emma Hitt, PhD

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013 Emma Hitt, PhD



Software For PCs

Word Processing Options

Voice Recognition

FTP/file transfer and Collaborative Reviewing

Transcription Programs

Medical Dictionaries, Grammar and Spellchecker Software

Backing Up Work

Time Tracking/Invoice Creation

Referencing Software

Acrobat and Acrobat Alternatives

Project Planning and Mind Mapping


Software For Macs

Time Tracking/Invoice Creation

FTP/File Transfer

Optical Recognition

Acrobat Alternatives

Miscellaneous Mac Software and Apps

Lists of Mac Compatible Products



Recorders and Recording Setups



Printers and Scanners

iPhones and Droids

Internet Access


Comprehensive Lists and Commentary

Keeping it Simple


This book represents the collective wisdom of writers, mostly medical and technical writers who subscribe to the HittList, a free weekly email containing medical writing jobs. The subscribers to the HittList were asked What one or two pieces of equipment or software help you the most in doing your job these days?

I first collected the responses to this question in 2010, and put a pdf file of the results on my website. However, the ideas and suggestions seemed so valuable when I went to update the piece in 2013, that I felt I should share with all types of writers, not just medical writers.

The results I received back from the HittList subscribers were wide and varied but tended to fall into various categories, which have been loosely organized into sections. The first section describes software (separated out by PC and Mac). Examples include time tracking and invoicing software, voice recognition, file transfer, and word processing. The next section on equipment discusses items such as monitors, computers, cameras, recorders, printers and scanners, and ergonomic devices to make the writing life more comfortable.

There's also a section that includes comprehensive lists, which may be useful to those who are setting up shop to work as a freelance writer, as well as a section called keeping it simple, which shows that you can function as a writer without being fancy about it or spending much money.

Since the subscribers to the HittList tend to specialize medical and technical writing, information specific to this field is included in each section, but much of the software and equipment is useful to any type of writer.

Please note, the information has been spellchecked and fact checked, but it is also based on people's opinions; links to products are provided wherever possible and it is up to you to check out the product before purchasing to make sure it's really something you want/need (ie, don't rely on the writer's description--caveat emptor and all that). Contributors' names are as written in contributors' signatures, which may or may not include their degrees and certifications.

If you see one of your favorites missing, please email me at emma@hittmedicalwriting.com. I will save your email and update this e-book regularly. Again thanks to all who contributed! Don't forget to ask for your free contributor's copy of this book if you haven't received one.

Warm Regards,


Software For PCs

Word Processing Options

I have discovered Office 365 and I love it. For a little more than the cost of a one-time Office upgrade for a single computer, you get the full Office suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.) that can be downloaded on five different computers and can be accessed by five more mobile devices all at the same time.

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