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PYRTE 2: The Firebox

PYRTE 2: The Firebox

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PYRTE 2: The Firebox

27 pages
21 minutes
Jul 18, 2013


A full constructional guide on building this easy firebox for PYRTE the Pull You Round Traction Engine, complete with drawings and pictures to build this 1 and 1/2 inch plus scale traction engine.

It's the most inexpensive pull you round you can build and is aimed at the first-timer with its simplicity.

Requires the use of a drill and heating torches/blow lamps and hand tools.

Jul 18, 2013

Despre autor

I'm an everyday English fellow in his late 60's who has a passion for model engineering in steam and writing.

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PYRTE 2 - George Hughes

PYRTE 2 - Constructing the Firebox

Published By George Hughes At Smashwords

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The Firebox

Tools needed

Materials needed

Side plates

Front and rear plates

Anchor rods

Boiler support rings


Contact me

The Firebox

If you’ve completed the boiler so far, you’ve already done the hardest part, and with just a little persistence it will not be long before you are driving your own live-steam engine, built by your own hands, being pulled around easily as you watch the crankshaft and flywheel spinning right in front of your eyes as you trundle along.

So let’s push on with the build…

Now that you have the bulk of your boiler completed, what’s needed next is a way to fasten it to the framework or body of your traction engine, and also a method of holding a fire directly beneath your boiler to concentrate its heat around the back end, and this calls for a firebox.

This is basically a box around the back half of your boiler, open at the top and vented at the lower rear end to allow air in to mix with the gas flame, that way making the

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