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PYRTE 12: Insulation, Painting and running tips.

PYRTE 12: Insulation, Painting and running tips.

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PYRTE 12: Insulation, Painting and running tips.

23 pages
17 minutes
Jul 18, 2013


A full guide on insulation and painting, with running tips so you get the best out of PYRTE, your creation. complete with drawings and pictures to build this 1 and 1/2 inch plus scale traction engine.

It's the most inexpensive pull you round you can build and is aimed at the first-timer with its simplicity.

Requires the use of a drill and hand tools.

Jul 18, 2013

Despre autor

I'm an everyday English fellow in his late 60's who has a passion for model engineering in steam and writing.

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PYRTE 12 - George Hughes

PYRTE 12 - Insulating and Painting - Finishing Touches

and General Running Tips

Published By George Hughes At Smashwords

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Insulating your boiler

Painting your machine

Finishing touches to your engine

Running tips


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Insulating and Painting

As your PYRTE is very nearly complete, you need to install some insulation around the boiler to keep the heat where it is wanted, rather than warming the whole world up.

The main points for this are inside the fire box, around the exposed boiler barrel itself, the lagging around the front of your boiler and the front end of the boiler inside the smoke box. (If you want to go to extremes, the piping can be lagged between the take-off tube and the cylinder itself, but that would not necessarily do much good in the normal running of

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