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Selling a California Business in the New Economy

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Selling a California Business in the New Economy

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At this challenging time in California’s business for sale marketplace, it’s important that owners who want to sell: 1). have the most up-to-date information needed to prepare a company for sale, 2.) use the most effective methods to find the right buyer, 3). negotiate the best possible deal, and 4). make sure the transaction doesn’t get derailed prior to close of escrow. Today’s market is impacted by record numbers of businesses coming up for sale as Baby Boomer owners prepare to retire, and by the New Economy emerging from the Great Recession—a New Economy that requires owners to adapt to new strategies if they want their business sale campaigns to succeed. With the ideas and information found in Selling a California Business in the New Economy, sellers can proceed confidently into this difficult market, equipped to get what they need from what is likely one of the most important sales of their lives.

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