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She's a Mod

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A personal diary of 1964, when the music world changed forever

1964 was the year of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, mod fashions and Mary Quant – the year the British pop scene really made its impact on the world.

Television presenter and reporter Kay Stammers was a sixteen year old schoolgirl from an average middle class family in Melbourne, Australia - studying for her final exams in a bedroom wall-papered with her idols. She didn’t swear, she didn’t smoke, she didn’t drink, she didn’t dabble in drugs or sex ... But where pop stars were concerned ... it was do or die!

Kay and her girlfriend Chris wore school uniforms by day but transformed into mods at night, devoted to the new wave of local and international Merseybeat bands. Their unwavering goal was to meet and befriend their idols -- including The Kinks, Manfred Mann, Peter & Gordon, Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs, Tony Worsley & the Blue Jays, The Flies, Normie Rowe, Bobby & Laurie, The Spinning Wheels, and The Rolling Stones. Their exploits culminate in the best prize of all -- alone in the hotel room with favourite Stone, Brian Jones.

There have been many books written in retrospect about the heady days of the sixties, but this teenage diary is an authentic first hand account, capturing the innocence and excitement of the era as it happened.

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