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Până la Kibkabe Araya

Lungime: 282 pagini4 ore


Fresh out of college, Kennedy dreams of becoming a TV news reporter. After a slew of disastrous job interviews, she decides she needs to get a makeover to exchange her sporty style for a glam, ready-to-be-on-cam look. On her journey, she meets Zara, an aspiring fashion designer working for an up-and-coming beauty company called Loveliness. Without work, Kennedy joins the crew and meets supermodel-in-training Laurenne and cosmetics entrepreneur Venetia. Now caught up in the world of beauty where eyelashes are pumped with volumizing mascara and lips tinted with lasting gloss, she feels she must play the part. Her new look gets her new friends, a new guy, and a new job, but when things fall apart, she wonders if all the magic is in the makeup.

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