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A CHEER-ful Boomer Journey

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We will all be living through a quiet revolution over the next 20 years as over 70,000,000 Americans cross the “boomer threshold”, make major life changes and join those already in formal retirement. Each of us will be experiencing a new “normal”; life expectancies of 15-30+ years outside the traditional “work” world and at some point each one of us will ask the big question, “What in the world am I going to do with the rest of my life”?
Longer life expectancies will bring new opportunities, but will also bring issues the individual may not be trained or equipped to handle. One of the issues is a danger that can be defined by a term called the “life-stage casualty” and that can be likened to the Rip Van Winkle experience. Rip Van Winkle awoke from a long sleep, found the world the world had passed him by and that he was adrift in a changed world. He was in a danger zone and floundered while trying to make the necessary adjustments and to adjust to his “new” life experience. His experience leads to the question, where does the older American go today to get the training needed to maximize their changes, and make the adjustments that are necessary to grow and thrive in their extended life experiences.
CHEER is an answer to that question. CHEER is the acronym for Creative Happiness for Every Expectant Retiree, and 6 Keys have been taken from my successful workshop series and adapted for this book. Simply, this book is a training and motivational manual intended to provide the foundational perspective, skills, tools, and resources every individual will need to make the next season of life- a wonderful journey and the most CHEER-ful days of their life!

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