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Finding Color in the Grey

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Finding Color in the Grey

Până la Debra Cine

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In a world devoid of color and free expression there is no room for those who are unique. There is no room for those who do not fit into the molds provided by their leaders. There is no room for dissent.
Each story follows the discovery of a color, and a cause, that the main characters come across in their lives. Each individual must make a choice to either continue their lives without expressing themselves or take up a new life of freedom and expression.
In Red we find love that is marred by grey, unfeeling mediocrity.
In Magenta we find forbidden love between two women, chained apart by the leaders.
In Green we find a barren woman, her marriage only held together by the promise of a child.
In Yellow we find an orphan, his world becoming more and more bleak.
These characters struggle to find some joy in the grey world they have been conditioned to live in.
(Book also includes a bonus short story)

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