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Sharks for Kids: 24 Exciting Shark Pictures and Shark Facts for Kids

Sharks for Kids: 24 Exciting Shark Pictures and Shark Facts for Kids

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Sharks for Kids: 24 Exciting Shark Pictures and Shark Facts for Kids

4/5 (5 evaluări)
79 pages
34 minutes
Sep 5, 2013


Sharks for Kids features 24 of the most Dangerous and Exciting Sharks, including Shark Pictures and Shark Facts!

Sharks! Sharks! Sharks! Some of the scariest animals in the world, but also some of the most fascinating. Since the dawn of time, Sharks have captured our imaginations, played the villains in famous movies and have been the centerpiece of aquariums around the world. This picture book contains 24 of the most dangerous and fascinating Sharks, including an exciting picture and a detailed description of each shark.

This is a great book for kids who want to learn about their favorite types of sharks and have fun at the same time. This Shark Book for kids gives a picture of each shark in their natural habitat and also provides a background on each type, including where they live, how big they grow, their temperament, and what they eat.

This Sharks for Kids books will teach you all about your favorite sharks.

Sharks included in this book are:

Blacktip Reef Shark
Blacktip Shark
Bronze Whaler Shark
Bull Shark
Carribbean Reef Shark
Cat Shark
Gray Carpet Shark
Gray Reef Shark
Great White Shark
Hammerhead Shark
Lemon Shark
Leopard Shark
Megalodon Shark
Nurse Shark
Port Jackson Shark
Sand Shark
Scallopped Hammerhead Shark
Silvetip Shark
Thresher Shark
Tiger Shark
Whale Shark
Whitetip Reef Shark
Wobbegang Shark
Zebra Shark

Sep 5, 2013

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Sharks for Kids - Lizzy Burbank


An Awesome, Fun, and Informative Shark Book Made Just for Kids!

Sharks for Kids has 24 of the coolest and most popular Sharks, with a high-quality photo and detailed description for each Shark. Perfect for young children, Sharks for Kids provides a learning experience as well as great entertainment, encouraging them to read and enjoy over and over again.

By Lizzy Burbank

Published by GrassRoot Books

Copyright GrassRoot Books 2013

Smashwords Edition License Notes:

This ebook may not be copied, distributed, reposted, reprinted or shared without the publisher’s consent.

Table of Contents

I. Reader Bonus

II. Introduction

III. Sharks

1. Blacktip Reef Shark

2. Blacktip Shark

3. Bronze Whaler Shark

4. Bull Shark

5. Caribbean Reef Shark

6. Cat Shark

7. Gray Carpet Shark

8. Gray Reef Shark

9. Great White Shark

10. Hammerhead Shark

11. Lemon Shark

12. Leopard Shark

13. Megalodon Shark

14. Nurse Shark

15. Port Jackson Shark

16. Sand Shark

17. Scalloped Hammerhead Shark

18. Silvertip Shark

19. Thresher Shark

20. Tiger Shark

21. Whale Shark

22. Whitetip Reef Shark

23. Wobbegong Shark

24. Zebra Shark

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Sharks are the kings of the sea – but did you know that some sharks measure up at only a couple of feet in length? There are all sorts of sharks, from sand sharks

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  • (1/5)
    I think the book has a few mislabeled pictures. The "tiger shark" is actually a Sand Tiger shark. And the "leopard shark" is a Zebra shark. I'm not an expert though.