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Reaching Retribution

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Reaching Retribution

Până la Kaitlyn Hoyt

Evaluare: 4 din 5 stele4/5 (4 stele)
Lungime: 383 pagini5 ore


Scorching secrets, descending darkness, and a chance to reach retribution.

It seems as if everything Ryanne does results badly for her or those around her. Her last attempt to save someone’s life ended up killing her. Now stuck in limbo with no idea how to get back to her body, Ryanne is in desperate need of some guidance.

A mage who left her life too soon appears to help guide Ryanne back to her destined path. Not everything is smooth sailing though. Ryanne has a lot of things she has to overcome if she wants to get back.

Without his soulmate, Colton is lost. Everything crashes down around him when he can’t heal Ryanne. He watched her die again, and now he wants to get revenge on the Gadramick responsible for putting her life in danger in the first place.

However, a new threat looms just around the corner, and Dravin may not be the only one they have to worry about. Everything is flipped upside down as the prophecy starts unraveling in unforeseen ways.

A battle will ensue. Lives will be lost. A prophecy will unfold before their very eyes. Retribution is coming whether anyone is prepared or not.

Reaching Retribution is the fourth and final novel in the four-part Prophesized Series.

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