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Mabry Mill Landscape Oil Painting Demonstration

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Mabry Mill Landscape Oil Painting Demonstration

Până la Delmus Phelps

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Lungime: 205 pagini38 minute


In this workshop manual, you will learn techniques in how to produce this wonderful fall landscape scene. The techniques learned will also improve skills in other genres of painting, but mostly, will bring the FUN back into your oil painting endeavors. Hi! I'm Delmus Phelps and I've been painting most of my adult life. Allow me to show you how I work within my studio!

As a full time artist, one of the most asked questions I get at shows and galleries is "how do you do that?"

This isn't just from customers, but other artists too.

So much so, that I felt I needed to write a little bit about my techniques. Well, they're really not MY techniques. They've been around for over 400 years, and I was introduced to them in the 1970's while in High School. That when very few teachers even knew of them as they have fallen out of favor with most art schools.

Over the years, I have refined them as my art improved. I enjoy sharing my knowledge, and I know you too, will be thrilled at the paintings you will produce using this information.

So come on, and join the resurgence in creating classical, realistic oil painting and all things beautiful!

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