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Angels Among Us - Life's Outtakes Year 7 (52 Humorous and Inspirational Short Stories)

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52 Humorous And Inspirational Short Stories!     52 humorous and inspirational short stories from year 7 of Life's Outtakes, a nationally syndicated column by Daris Howard. From the humor of a what students write in Student Communications to the wonderment of a child in need of a friend in Angels Among Us, this is a fun look at family and community life.
Stories include:
Value For Value
Bad Hair Day
Student Communications (#3)
Off Road Bicycling
How Much Is A Bike Worth
A Super Ugly Bike
How Not To Name A Baby
Puppy Baseball
A Halloween Vendetta
Football And Nylons
Football, Ice, And Snow
The Fall Camping Trip
Anyone Can See Love
Nothing But A Fire Drill
The Incomplete Yearbook
The Too Real Nightmare
Giving Away Christmas
Uncle Hickory's New Year's Resolution
Playing To Win
A Geek's Guide To A High Score
We Are All God's Children
A Reluctant Dancer
A Dancer With No Class
Competing In Dance And A Change Of Heart
Learning To Believe In Yourself
A Valentine Description
Competing With Confidence
Never Old
What Students Learned In Math Class
What To Look For In A College
Hiding My Own Easter Eggs
A Blanket Permission To Dance
It Has Been A Long Time
An Upset Student And A Letter
The Right Character For The Role
A Little Girl Who Needed An Angel
A Bicycle For A little Girl
Dogged Every Step Of The Way.
First Time At Church
Angels Covered In Tattoos And Dressed In Leather
Angels Among Us
The Hottest Father's Day Gift
An Exciting Summer Day
How To Get Pizza For Free
When Something Gets Your Goat
A Thief At Scout Camp
Solving The Case Of The Scout Camp Bandit
A Kitten Named Oliver
Signs For Tourists
What Bravery Isn't
Courage To Stand Up To Friends
The Greatest Courage Of All

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