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Love on the Run

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Love on the Run

Până la Janice Cummings

Lungime: 183 pagini2 ore


Trinelle Patterson had always been a runner. She ran miles and miles each day to escape the chaos of living with her alcoholic mother. She ran right into a bad marriage that kept her battered, beaten and bruised for years, but her spirit remained unbroken. No amount of abuse could take away her hopes, her dreams, and plans for the life that she knew she would one day build for herself.

Today is the day that she has dreamed of on so many lonely, pain filled, tear stained nights. This is the day that she must escape her captor. She will finally attempt to free herself forever from her constant tormentor. Does she have the courage? Can she find the strength and the faith to run, just one more time?

Follow Trinelle’s suspense filled journey as she attempts to run one final race to win her freedom. Losing can not be an option. Her very life, her soul, and her spirit are at stake.

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