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Până la Bob Goodwin

Lungime: 36 pagini31 minute


Vaccine - A One Act Play:
A deadly and highly infectious virus is sweeping the country. Many people have chosen to live in secure compounds for safety.
At one of these compounds the Professor is upset when Eve (his lab assistant) doesn’t show up at work.
Gerald, an overtly effeminate aid, assists the Professor with his research and has helped develop a vaccine that will hopefully provide immunity to the deadly virus.
Eve eventually arrives with her boyfriend Adam. But problems arise when it is found that Adam & Eve had left the security of the compound the previous evening and have returned with a positive test result. The vaccine is new & the side effects are unclear, but Adam & Eve are infected & the lab is contaminated. The two have secretly injected each other with the experimental drug, but the outcome may prove to be more significant than anyone could have imagined.

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