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How To Dryland Train For Swimming

How To Dryland Train For Swimming

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How To Dryland Train For Swimming

103 pages
29 minutes
Apr 3, 2011


If you want to train swimming without dipping into the water and without getting expose to sunlight, then you need to grab a copy of this "How To Dryland Train For Swimming" guide.

In this step-by-step guide you will be able to reap the following benefits:

- Learn how to swim easily and quickly at the comfort of your own home.
- Practice swimming without getting wet and sunburns.
- Learn how to swim without worrying of getting your skin exposed to the heat of the sun.
- Learn the different core exercises in relation to the 4 swimming strokes.
- Perform proper stretching exercises and positions before starting the training.
- Learn how to strengthen your power,agility and endurance.
- Discover techniques on how to boost the power of your leg and upper body.
- Perform Stretch Cordz exercises to develop swimming movements.
- See proper positions in doing routines.
- And much more.

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Apr 3, 2011

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  • Core exercises are crucial to each part of the four strokes.

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How To Dryland Train For Swimming - HowExpert

How To Dryland Train For Swimming

Your Step-By-Step Guide To Dryland Training For Swimmers


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Lower Body

Mid Section

Upper Body

Chapter 1: Core Exercises And Relation To The 4 Strokes

Stretching And Core Exercises

Pelvic Tilt

Cat Arch

Streamline Stretch

Forward Plank

Side Plank

Wall Sit

Leg/Arm Raises

Leg Lifts




Oppostite Arm/Leg Extension

Chapter 2: Jumping Exercises For Leg Power


Jump Roping

Thick Jump Roping

Front box/porch/bleacher Jumps

Side Box/Porch Jumps

Low Rope Forward Jump(Double/Single)

Low Rope Side Jump (Double/Single)

Force Jump

Body Squat

Chapter 3: Pulling/Upper Body Exercises



Door handle/knob

Fence Or Porch Link

Arm Swings

Jumping Jacks

Single Arm Circles

Tricep Stretch

Streamline Stretch

Chapter 4: Stretch Cordz Exercises

Arm Curls

2 Arm Pulls

2 Arm Rows

Rotator cuff (Internal/External)


External --

Wide Pulls/Reverse Flys

High Pulls

Pull And Rotate Up

Tricep Extension

Freestyle Pull


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Swimming is an all body sport that has been acclaimed by most to be the best all-around exercise for everyone alike. It is used in all sizes and physiques and in various forms. In the swimming world we begin with the toddler who is just starting to learn to blow bubbles and gain trust of the parent or instructor assisting them and then graduating to overcoming that fear and taking on the water with confidence. Then the sport continues to move forward into later stages of life.

As others continue to grow in their swimming skills they may develop different personal reasons for wanting to do so. Some parents and children alike just want to be safe on their summer boating experience, day at the beach, or fishing on the lake for example. Others will eventually trickle down to a summer, USA, or YMCA swimming league and learn to become competitive and eventually race. Here they will want to learn

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