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Passing Obamacare

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Passing Obamacare

Până la Glenn Morton

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Hello fellow Americans! My name is Glenn, and I am founder of the Occupy Obamacare SuperPAC and owner of Taylor, Levi, and Associates, an insurance brokerage firm in Maryland.

As an insurance broker, I became very interested in promoting the benefits of federal health reform. I have seen the effects of high premiums first hand, and wanted positive change in this important area.

Becoming more familiar with the contents of the law, combined with my understanding of the health care system, helped me realize how harmful some of the effects would be, and I had a change of heart. ObamaCare is more destructive to our health and incomes than is being reported to the public and, if you knew what I know, you would do what you could to get it changed for the better.

The way to change it is to offer a better alternative. Staying the same isn't good, either. So many of us suffer and die due to the lack of affordable healthcare and health insurance. It truly is a problem that must be fixed.

Fortunately, it can be :o)

The better alternative...one that strikes an agreeable middle ground...is in the pages of "Passing Obamacare". It is our responsibility, as Americans and as wage earners, to use our voice, and our vote, to make our country better. It isn't going to happen without us.

Writing this book is my attempt to add my voice, and to do something to protect our health and future financial capabilities.

It's also a serious attempt at good humor! If you're into laughing until it hurts...THIS is the book for you :o)

This effort is not about idealogy...they don't ask your party affiliation on your tax return. It's about money, and caring for you and your loved ones when you get sick.

That's important to all of us, right or left.

Thank you for reading, for purchasing the book (if I'm so blessed), and for learning.

Glenn Troy Morton

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