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Why I Am A Baptist

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What difference does it make if you are a Baptist, or an Episcopalian, or a Catholic, or a Lutheran, or a Methodist, or anything else? I think there is a big difference. In this book, we explore why I believe being a Baptist is so important. The church you attend is important because in a true church you will have a better chance of being pointed in the right way. You have a better chance of hearing the truth about Bible salvation. Once you are saved, God expects you as a Christian to follow His Word and to be obedient to what He says. Therefore you need to be in a church that teaches and preaches the doctrines of the Word of God correctly, so you can grow as a Christian. This booklet gives three reasons why everyone who is truly saved ought to be a Baptist. This topic is covered from Scriptural truth, historical truth, and doctrinal truth.

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