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Snack Bars: 101 easy & healthy recipes

Snack Bars: 101 easy & healthy recipes

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Snack Bars: 101 easy & healthy recipes

112 pages
4 hours
Aug 20, 2011


101 easy-to-prepare recipes for tasty, healthy snack bars. Many of these recipes are suitable for athletes and bodybuilders, but all are healthy alternatives to shop-bought snack bars.
Using healthy ingredients such as oats, nuts and fruit, as well as peanut butter and honey, there will be a snack bar here to supplement most training schedules and satisfy any taste.

Aug 20, 2011

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Snack Bars - Julian Davis


Table of Contents

Almond & oat protein bar

Almond & walnut bar

Almond cookie bar

Almond oatmeal breakfast bar

Almond sesame protein bar

Apple cinnamon protein bar

Apple spice protein bar

Applesauce protein bar

Apricot & cranberry bar

Apricot & walnut cereal bar

Banana & cranberry bar

Banana & peanut bulking bar

Banana & seed breakfast bar

Banana booster bar

Banana coconut bar

Banana oatmeal breakfast bar

Black cherry breakfast bar

Blueberry & banana bar

Caramel fudge bar

Carrot energy bar

Cherry oat bar

Cherry vanilla protein bar

Chewy chocolate peanut butter bar

Chewy oat & nut granola bar

Choc chip cranberry granola bar

Chocolate & banana protein bar

Chocolate & coffee peanut butter bar

Chocolate & oat bar

Chocolate & raspberry bar

Chocolate applesauce brownie bar

Chocolate brownie protein bar

Chocolate dipped power bar

Chocolate honey protein bar

Chocolate low carb protein bar

Chocolate mint protein bar

Chocolate oat nutrition bar

Chocolate peanut butter bar

Chocolate pecan protein bar

Coconut peanut butter bar

Coffee protein bar

Cranberry & coconut breakfast bar

Cranberry & raisin protein bar

Crunchy almond protein bar

Crunchy cereal bar

Double chocolate peanut butter bar

Fat-free granola bar

Fruit & pecan granola bar

Fudgey nutty bar

Golden carrot bar

Healthy energy bar

Homemade granola bar

Honey & apple breakfast bar

Honey & peanut butter booster bar

Honey protein bar

Long-lasting energy bar

Low fat chocolate oat protein bar

Low fat cream cheese protein bar

Maple & vanilla bar

Marine bar

Meal replacement bulking bar

Meal replacement cutting bar

Millet oat breakfast bar

Muesli bar

No-bake chocolate & nut protein bar

No-bake protein bar

Nut & seed protein bar

Nutty breakfast bar

Oat & banana bulking bar

Oat & banana protein bar

Oat & fruit protein bar

Oat & peanut butter bar

Oat & seed granola bar

Oatmeal & banana breakfast bar

Oatmeal protein bar

Peanut butter & honey protein bar

Peanut butter cookie bar

Peanut butter fudge protein bar

Pecan power bar

Pineapple protein bar

Pistachio & coconut bar

Power bar

Power-up oat bar

Pre-workout bar

Protein brownie bar

Prune & coconut bar

Quick-make energy bar

Raisin & chocolate chip energy bar

Raisin breakfast bar

Simple double choc & peanut protein bar

Simple low-carb bar

Simple protein bar

Strawberry & banana meal replacement bar

Sugar-free raisin bar

Trail bar

Vanilla chocolate & oat protein bar

Vanilla pecan bar

Vegan workout bar

Walnut fudge bar

Workout energy bar

Yoghurt & cottage cheese bar

Yoghurt cereal bar

Almond & oat protein bar

1½ cups/350ml porridge oats, uncooked

¼ cup/60ml coconut, grated

¼ cup/60ml slivered almonds

2 tbsp/30ml chocolate chips

¾ cup/180ml protein powder

2 tbsp/30ml cocoa powder, unsweetened

1 tbsp/15ml honey

1 cup/235ml fat-free dry milk powder

½ cup/120ml water

2 tbsp/30ml flax seeds

1. Dry fry (without oil) the almonds, then add the coconut for a few seconds

2. Combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl

3. Place the mixture in a lightly oiled or greaseproof paper-lined 8" (20cm) square baking tin and level the surface

4. Refrigerate overnight

5. Cut into evenly-sized bars

6. Store in an airtight container, preferably refrigerated

Almond & walnut bar

5 bran crackers, ground

½ cup/120ml flaxseed, ground

1 cup/235ml walnuts, chopped

¾ cup/180ml chocolate whey protein powder

¾ cup/180ml soy whey protein powder

2 tbsp/30ml oatmeal

2 tbsp/30ml natural sweetener

2 tbsp/30ml unsweetened coconut

1 tbsp/15ml unsweetened cocoa powder

¼ cup/60ml cream

¼ cup/60ml water

¼ cup/60ml butter

2 tbsp/30ml low-carb maple syrup or cold coffee

1 tsp/5ml coconut extract

2 tsp/10ml almond extract

1. Combine all the dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl

2. Using a microwave, melt together the cream, water, butter and maple syrup (or cold coffee)

3. Remove from the heat and add the extracts

4. Whisk the mixture to form a smooth sauce

5. Add the hot mixture to the dry ingredients and mix well

6. Place the mixture in a lightly oiled or greaseproof paper-lined 8" (20cm) square baking tin and level the surface

7. Place the tray in the refrigerator overnight

8. Remove and cut into evenly-sized bars

9. Store in an airtight container, preferably refrigerated


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