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The Makes Words Work Guide to iPhone Gaming

The Makes Words Work Guide to iPhone Gaming

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The Makes Words Work Guide to iPhone Gaming

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Aug 23, 2011


With the massive amount of games available at Apple's App Store, finding the gems amongst the chaff can be a daunting task. The Makes Words Work Guide to iPhone Gaming profiles forty of the top iOS games across all popular genres.

Written by Paul Williams, Video Games Topic Editor at Suite101, this guide is filled with reviews of the top iPhone games, including screenshots and the relevant App Store links. With a focus on the best independent iOS game developers, expect to read about innovative titles from companies that might stray from the typical work seen at corporate game shops.

Published by Makes Words Work LLC, Williams' company dedicated to innovative eBook publishing, freelance writing, and software development, The Makes Words Work Guide to iPhone Gaming belongs in the library of every serious iPhone gamer.

Aug 23, 2011

Despre autor

Professor Williams has had a long-standing research interest in geomorphology and hydrology and is a Fellow of the International Association of Geomorphologists. He is co-author of the seminal reference text ‘Karst Hydrogeology and Geomorphology’ and a senior advisor to IUCN/UNESCO concerning natural World Heritage.

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The Makes Words Work Guide to iPhone Gaming - Paul Williams



There's little doubt as to the videogame revolution ushered in by the iPhone. From the renaissance of the independent game developer, to the innovation in control brought by the accelerometer and touchscreen, Apple's smartphone is definitely a unique gaming device, amongst its many other functions.

Additionally, the App Store revolutionized both the way games are purchased, and the way they are priced. Each title's listing features a host of ratings and reviews from iPhone owners having already played the game.

With this guide, expect each game covered to be the equivalent of a 5-star release, with a focus on innovative gaming across the most popular genres from independent developers. These truly are some of the best available games for the iOS platform. Each game article features a link to its relevant page at the App Store. We hope this guide provides a valuable resource when browsing the vast world of iPhone gaming.

Paul Williams, August 2011

1. Puzzle Games

The iPhone is a natural platform for Puzzle games. The seemingly endless supply of Bejeweled clones at the App Store clearly proves that point. Simple finger swipes and taps are usually the only means necessary to control a well-designed iOS puzzler. Physics-based games, like the profiled Finger Physics, are also popular on the iPhone and fit perfectly in this section.

The most innovative puzzle games add elements from other genres; the Puzzle game/RPG mash-up Devil Invasion (pictured above) is a perfect example. Babo Crash even adds action game elements, effectively using the iPhone's accelerometer for control when in its action modes.

Puzzle game fans should find some worthy downloads within the following selection of iPhone games.

Babo Crash

Babo Crash stands alone amongst similar Match 3 games with addictive gameplay and the occasional bit of accelerometer-driven action.


* Addictive Match 3 Gameplay

* Supports Multi-player Gaming

* Spawn Heroes to Destroy Gems

* 21 Levels with Progressive Difficulty

* OpenFeint Social Gaming Network

Bottom Line: Babo Crash is a must-have title for fans of the Match 3 game genre.

An iPhone Match 3 Game on Steroids

Featuring relatively simple gameplay, Babo Crash requires users to clear each level within a preset time limit. The standard Bejeweled-esque game mechanics are enhanced in intriguing ways, courtesy of game developers, PlayBrains.

Matching four like-colored gems spawns a Hero; which are then activated when included in a subsequent match. Heroes sport superpowers allowing it to destroy additional gems.

The different Heroes - one for each jewel color - all feature unique abilities; one of the most powerful is the orange-colored Hero that becomes a fireball upon activation. The iPhone's accelerometer is deftly used to roll the fireball across the gameboard, destroying gems as it moves.

Combining a taste of action gameplay is what sets Babo Crash apart from other Match 3 puzzlers.

Adding to the game's difficulty are Chompiis, tiny wormlike creatures that transverse the screen during play. Quickly matching the surrounding gems destroys them. If they are allowed to survive, an unmatchable rock is created which clogs up the gameboard.

A superhero is created by matching five game pieces. These creations are able to destroy Chompiis and their rock-like children.

It is important to move quickly when playing Babo Crash. Fast matches lead to higher multipliers and ultimately higher scores. Clearing a level quickly also leads to an Overtime period with the potential of even higher scoring.

OpenFeint fully-supported by Babo Crash

OpenFeint is the iPhone social gaming network of choice in Babo Crash. Leaderboards and a decent collection of Achievements add to the overall replay value.

Three different game modes include a Relaxo mode which does away with the Chompiis and some of the game's stress level. The standard Crash mode features the best gameplay.

There are a stunning amount of Bejeweled clones in the App Store. Babo Crash stands out amongst the chaff, and is a worthy download for anyone liking a bit of action with their Match 3.

Devil Invasion

Conjuring up images of a fast-paced version of Puzzle Quest is Devil Invasion. This title is an excellent blend of the Puzzle, RPG, and RTS genres.


* Puzzle Quest on the iPhone

* Real-time Game Engine

* RPG Advancements

* OpenFeint Social Gaming Network

* Three Difficulty Levels

* Hexagon Game Board

Bottom Line: The closest thing to Puzzle Quest on the iPhone.

The Puzzle Quest series is arguably the most popular Puzzle/RPG hybrid across multiple platforms, with the exception of the iPhone. Devil Invasion fills that gap for iOS with the exceptions of its hexagon game board and real-time game engine.

This Touchmine developed game is sure to please fans of the Puzzle Quest series with its depth and replay value.

The game initially allows user to select a difficulty level and a magic spell. The different difficulty levels primarily affect the strength of the game's monsters along with other bonuses.

Puzzle Quest on an iPhone

Devil Invasion features a strategic map with various locations that trigger battles. The game plays essentially in a linear fashion, although battles can be replayed to earn additional experience and loot.

A hex-based puzzle screen is used to fight each battle. The player must protect two towers and a castle from a hoard of monsters that attack from the right side of the gameboard.

Each grid is filled with different color blocks where the standard Match 3 game elements apply. Monsters are attacked directly by matching Shield blocks. Various colored chips are matched to earn magic stones used in spell-casting. There are Gold blocks which earn money when matched, and Stone blocks which simply get in the way.

The best strategy in Devil Invasion is powerful spell-casting. A player's spell collection is managed and upgraded using the gold earned in battle. Keeping enough magic stones for the colors necessary for proper spell-casting is also

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