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Travel Photography: Travel Photo Essentials

Travel Photography: Travel Photo Essentials

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Travel Photography: Travel Photo Essentials

3/5 (1 evaluare)
94 pages
25 minutes
Nov 10, 2011


An easy to follow guide to the basics of great travel photos, including:

- How to select the right gear to take on your next trip;
- How to "tell a story" with your travel photos;
- Tips and advice on composition, shooting in transit, photographing cities, scenery, people, moving subjects, close-ups, and sensitivity to local cultures.
Nov 10, 2011

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Travel Photography - Margaret Brown


Travel Photography

Volume 1: Travel Photo Essentials

By Margaret Brown

ISBN: 978-0-9871595-5-7

All content in Travel Photography is protected under copyright and cannot be reproduced in any format without written consent from the publisher.

Legal Notice click here.

Published November 2011

Media Publishing Pty Ltd

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Office 4 Clontarf Marina

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Clontarf NSW 2093


Email: edmail@mediapublishing.com.au

Website: www.mediapublishing.com.au

Cover design by Darren Waldren | twitter.com/dazwal




Chapter 1

Rule 1: Travel Light

While a camera is necessary for recording holiday memories, it’s important to balance how much equipment you carry against the types of pictures you wish to take – and how you plan to use your shots. Lugging a heavy camera bag can restrict your holiday activities so it makes sense to look for a highly portable kit.

Two critical factors can influence whether you get good photographs when you travel: your choice of equipment and how you use it. Making the right choices will help you to enjoy your trip and knowing how to use your gear will enable you to come home with memorable shots.

When you have to hike for more than 10 kilometres to photograph special places (Mount Fitzroy in Patagonia), the less equipment you have to carry, the more likely you are to reach your goal and enjoy it.

You’re also bound to attract attention when there’s a big SLR camera and long zoom lens slung around your neck. This can prevent you from taking candid shots in public places because people will turn away as soon as the camera is pointed towards them. You can miss a lot of wonderful shots as a result.

A compact digicam with a 3x zoom lens was used for this shot of street vendors in La Paz, Bolivia. It’s unlikely this shot would have been possible with a larger, more conspicuous camera.

Restricting your equipment is especially important when travelling by air as all airlines restrict the amount of carry-on baggage they allow, some quite severely. A few limit economy travellers to one bag weighing a maximum of six kilograms

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