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Extraordinary Tales of an Ordinary Nurse

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Extraordinary Tales of an Ordinary Nurse

Până la Flo Knight

Lungime: 103 pagini1 oră


Nursing is an amazing line of work to go in to! You get to help save lives and help patients that are recovering from an illness or injury. There is nothing more amazing than seeing a patient come into your hospital in distress, and then a few days to sometimes a few months later, you get to see them leave your hospital with a smile on their face and/or hope in their eyes. And you know that you got to be a part of that! But nursing isn’t always smiles and lifesaving. You see everything in this job, (and I do mean everything) and it’s not always pretty.
This book contains a group of stories compiled over many years of nursing. These are stories of happiness, sadness, hilarity... and even a few that will make you angry. Most of these stories involved the author of this book, while others involved co-workers. But all of them are what you can expect to see in nursing! So hang on to your stethoscopes and read on about what makes this job so exciting!

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